Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Catching Up: Rendezvous in Kuala Lumpur (again?)

Photo Link (Again):
Getting back to Kuala Lumpur, I decided to try my luck with the “Space Hostel” and rendezvous with a friend from Koh Lanta (oh so many years… no, just months? ago). It was a downgrade from fancy hotels, but I had high hopes for capsule living. Unfortunately the capsules were all linked and not insulated, so a noise at one end of the room reverberated the whole way down (and everything made noise). I ended up spending more nights in the Explorer’s Hostel. Housing aside, I was able to meet up with my friend and we did a few fun things in the city, including having a drink on a building’s helipad. She left to go south, so I mostly relaxed, having seen what Chinatown had to offer, but I did make excursions down to a mall to try to get my watch fixed (unfortunately no luck there). After making several new friends, I got on a bus to Cameron Highlands to start exploring once again.

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