Friday, February 8, 2019

Catching Up: Cameron Highlands

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Oh man, we’re almost caught up to where I am writing this now!

With very little breakfast, I boarded a bus on the 13th(?) of January, destined for the tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands. As I wasn’t sure how I’d hold up on the windy roads, I hoped for the best (and arrived quite hungry!).

On my friend’s recommendation, I booked a spot at the Travel Bunker / Map Hostel, which was a nice, friendly spot. By the time I left a few days later, I suspect most of the staff knew me by name! Over the next few days, we hiked down to one tea plantation and split a taxi to another. There was also much merry-making and, of course, delicious food.

There’s not a ton to do in Cameron Highlands and my friend was eager to get back on the road (as opposed to stay and relax in the nice, cool weather), so we hopped on a bus to Georgetown (my third visit!) on the… 16th?

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