Monday, February 4, 2019

Catching Up: Georgetown (take two!)

Photo Link (Again):

I was glad to be back in Georgetown and, to hear RC tell it, it’s his favorite city we hit as well. I hesitate to repeat what I said last time (without looking it up), but there’s a ton to do, everything is walkable, and the local “expensive” things to do are still dirt cheap. We stayed at Le Dream Boutique Hotel and ended up watching the New Year’s fireworks from the rooftop, looking up at KOMTAR Tower.

As one does, we wandered around the streets of Georgetown (I found a delicious Thai place that I’ve since been back to!) and generally were tourists. We went to the actual top of KOMTAR (I had previously only gone to the cheaper *almost* top level) and we took the cable car up Penang Hill (oh, I should upload those videos).

Traveler’s Hiccup: I forgot to set aside independent days, so by this point RC and I were a little on edge, having spent nearly two weeks within fifty feet of one another. I was also feeling generally stressed, for whatever reason. One of our days we split up and just didn’t see one another for almost a full day - something we should have done after the first week.

RC changed his flight and left from Georgetown (he had accidentally scheduled a 2am flight from KL, so it made sense to change it and skip the bus ride back to KL) and I got on a bus back to Kuala Lumpur.

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