Saturday, February 2, 2019

Catching Up: Malacca

Photo Link (Again):

The bus ride this time around was a cinch - not even a second glance at the border. We arrived in town and got settled in pretty quickly. When in Malacca as a tourist, there’s basically one priority: go to Jonker walk.

We walked the Jonker walk, we talked the Jonker talk. Had some chicken rice and plenty of beer while waving to boats going up and down the river. Hit a small library where I wrote a couple poems and saw a few museums. In no order, we visited the three-for-one seafaring museums (mediocre), the cultural museum (the one with a kite exhibit and an exhibit about beauty around the world - very neat), and the architectural museum (RC’s favorite from the whole trip). We also climbed the hill to St. Paul’s church and did all the wandering around the ruins of the fortifications.

There exists a photo of me with the obligatory “muscle flex” in front of a statue of a famous body builder. I’m not sure we got any photos of the… rickshaws? that were the most annoying thing I’ve ever encountered - when hired, they had pulsing lights and blaring music that corresponded to whichever children’s cartoon theme they had chosen for their decor. I’m sure there’s more to do in Malacca, but we didn’t do it (though we took advantage of the hotel’s infinity pool) - on the 29th (I think) we took the only outbound flight from Malacca’s airport and headed to Penang.

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