Monday, May 28, 2018

RETROSPECTIVE: The Insight Bowl (2004)

As this happened a decade prior to this writing, details are fuzzy.

A brief story about my trip as part of the Notre Dame Marching Band to the Insight Bowl in December 2004. After a mediocre season, which included the firing of coach Ty Willingham, Notre Dame got into a low-ranked bowl in Arizona. I don’t remember much about the travel arrangements (as opposed to the Sugar Bowl arrangements), but I do remember getting my wisdom teeth removed a mere week or so prior to the game. I really shouldn’t have traveled.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hello World!


I went with "Standard Travel" for the name. It's the one that got stuck in my head, despite others being in many ways better. You'll see the other names pop up as titles, I'm sure, though I'm not sure what "My Murder Yurt" is going to describe. "Standard Travel" is a decent pun (given my pen name is also a flag pun) and it sounds pretty 19th Century, which should fit well with a vacation based on as many boats & trains as possible.


This blog, in just a few months, will begin to document an adventure around the world. I'll try to share as much as possible. You have my apologies in advance for the "lists of facts" style of writing I get stuck in - sometimes it's tough to add commentary to things I've done / places I've seen.

The "planned" route


I'll try to stick to the facts on this blog, though one of my real goals is to write fiction and the like as I wander. You'll see that on An Irregular Experience... irregularly (I'm the best at naming blogs!). If you don't feel like spending too much mental energy on figuring all this out, well, that's why I chose my pen name. I'm the only Simon Pennon in the world and I have a website with links to both blogs.


The format of the blog will probably change. The visual stylings will definitely change. Hell, I might even get other folks to make blog posts for me, as I'm more inclined to write letters instead of type them. I'll try to take pictures, but I'm not the best at that. I'm also going to try to write up travel stories from my past and post them as retrospectives so there's a bit of content every once in a while.

In all though, I hope you enjoy my tales!