Friday, October 26, 2018

Phuket, I'll go

When I asked a couple folks where to go in Thailand, one said "avoid the Phuket Trap." I'm here to tell you to do the same.

First and foremost, I made the mistake of taking an overnight bus from Bangkok. An absolutely dumb idea - every time the bus jolted my mind started a new adventure of thoughts. Then I had to transfer buses at some out of the way bus station early in the morning. The people took my ticket, then drove off on a motorbike. Everyone else either had a ticket or a sticker. Everything worked out well enough, though I certainly got on the wrong bus for the second leg of the trip. It got me where I needed to be, I suppose.

I didn't really do anything exciting while in Phuket (which, by the way, is "Poo-ket" - apologies for ruining all your jokes). It was expensive and difficult to get around - a $2 trip in Bangkok cost $7 in Phuket. I did my best to wander around Phuket Town, but sidewalk coverage is spotty and I was preparing myself to get hit by a car on a dark road, which didn't add a warm feeling to the first day.

After wandering all over, I ended up chilling at a bar called "The Library" where I bought an overpriced drink and wrote dirty poems while listening to terrible (but also amusing) "Engrish" songs.

On the second day I walked up Monkey Hill, which was a bit hotter than I would have liked. I was soaked in sweat halfway up. There were, in order of appearance, dogs, pigs, chickens, and monkeys. Hiking back down and one shower later, I made my way to the actual library, where I wrote some more poems. Then I got some spicy (finally!), but extremely hard to chew, food.

The one bright spot of the adventure was the hostel (Vitamin Sea) - I spent quite a bit of time chatting with and playing games with Pro, the owner. Had I the option, I would have gladly stuck around the hostel for a few more days, despite the surrounds.

I left for Koh Lanta after two days, glad to be done with the area.

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