Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Inter-phase Gear Update

I figured it'd be worth it to take a moment to describe the changes I've made to the stuff I brought with me. Oh, and for the record, the airline weighed it all as 11.5kg leaving Hawaii.


  • Ripped jean shorts (this was a painful, but necessary toss - the miser in me wanted to keep repairing them, but they were too far gone)
  • Long sleeve REI shirt (an easy trade-in - I hated wearing it)
  • Exploded pen.
  • A phone charging battery that would not hold a charge
  • A second gray REI short sleeve shirt (with trade-in of the other shirt)
  • A Space Pen refill (just in case)
  • Mid-size hard-back notebook (from Writer's Blok)
  • 100 US post card stamps
  • A zillion Alaska Marine Highway postcards. I have no idea what to do with these.
  • The phone charging battery would be here, but I discarded it less than a week after acquiring it

Along with these, I've made certain clothing / packing changes.

ON MY PERSON: as I've run low on paper napkins, I've begun carrying my hankerchief with me most everywhere. I've found that my pocket moleskine has seen the most action of any paper product I have as it, well, fits in my pocket. Where I'm only a handful of pages into any other notebook, I'm a third of the way through my moleskine. As further incentive to carry it, I found a small plastic bag that folds and fits in the pocket of the book, meaning that I can carry it in wet weather.

IN MY SMALL BAG: I no longer carry a full set of spare clothes - I only carry a single pair of underwear in it. It's prime use now is for papers and things I wouldn't want to get lost or stolen.

IN MY BIG BAG: I have yet to come up with a good packing solution. There are a few things I think I'm going to have to part with that I've been holding on to for sentimental reasons.

CLOTHING CHOICES: I tend to structure my wearing around my washing - if I know I have access to a washing machine, I will wear my clothing that isn't easily washed in the sink. I've tended toward washing clothes within a day or so of arrival in a new (longer-term) place so I can line-dry stuff. I've been bad about immediately washing underwear - I'm usually surprised to find I'm wearing my last clean pair (which leads me to washing a couple pairs to dry overnight). That all said, I think I did a decent job of bringing enough to make it seem like I'm not wearing the same thing every day.

WISH LIST: I think I need two more pairs of underwear and a blue REI shirt. I keep getting tempted to buy a second pocket moleskine, but I have a bunch at home in my "resupply box". I wish my small bag were just a touch bigger and my big bag were a touch smaller. I could also do with some scissors for taming my hair.

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