Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Living the Beach Life in Honoulu

My review of Honolulu is going to be a bit of a mess, as I took the opportunity to be an absolute bum. In a first for this trip, I've actually been to Honolulu before, so I did not feel pressured to go and see all the sights. Rather, I got to where I was staying and stayed within a couple blocks - the furthest I wandered was to a place called the Rainbow Drive-In for some cheap eats.

Laundry Day!
To bite into it, the logistics of this stop were ugly. It took an hour by bus to get to where I was staying (granted, the bus was $3). The hostel was crowded and hot and a couple of the people in my room had an aversion to having the A/C on and a fan going - meaning everyone was tossing and turning on creaky metal beds. I did my best to make up for this by consuming an astounding amount of PB&J sandwiches in the morning (what passed for "free breakfast"). I didn't even get that much when I left - to get to my flight on time I had to be on a very early bus, meaning I ate breakfast in the airport.

"Loco Moco"

The relaxation part, however, was much better. Coming off the writing kick that was Los Angeles, I spent a long afternoon writing in the air conditioned library. As mentioned before, the Rainbow Drive-In provided a reasonably priced lunch and dinner (on different days). Also, there happened to be a beach (in Hawaii? crazy) where one might reasonably go and read a book or two!* I ate a couple other places and found myself a reasonably priced (though still more expensive than preferred) tiki bar with good service.

The first casualty of the trip - exploded pen.
Again, not much else happened - I feel like a random snapshot of me at any point in the three days would find me reading, writing, or sleeping.

Or drinking something with an umbrella in it?

Stats: September 24-27, ~$675

*BOOK UPDATE: I don't know where I left off, but I've completed Jack London's Sea Wolf. Still haven't finished Moby Dick.

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