Sunday, August 12, 2018

Overindulgence City (Ottawa)

The White House... no, wait...

In a huge twist, I went to Ottawa and saw the Parliament building. Oh, wait, that's what everyone does. I only had a few hours in the city (train arrived at 2pm and I would depart at noon the next day), so I just kind of ran around.

I've titled this post "Overindulgence City" because, well, I was a bit of a glutton, starting with splurging for a taxi from the train station (it was an easy 40 minute walk). After checking in to my AirBnB I rushed over to the capital complex (they have a name for it... that I forget). A nice information girl gave me the low-down on a couple things and I was told that, basically, there was no way I was going to see inside the buildings. I was then directed to the Bier Markt for an early dinner.

"the American invasion" - words I'll likely see again

I had a few local brews and, still a little miffed about my burger the previous day, decided to eat some specialty burger on the menu. The beer, the service, and the burger were all great, if pricey. I even got a show as some huge group of tourists decided to dine & dash, which was understandably annoying to the staff.

Groundhog, with Canadian Supreme Court in the trees

After nearly tripping over a groundhog, I walked over to the National Archives / Library and wrote a poem that had me giggling for a good ten minutes. There's not much more excitement - I wandered and I saw stuff and I bought a few more things (including a lotto ticket on which I won $5). Bed for a nice long sleep and then a long trek to the train and you have me here - on route to Toronto.

On the walk to the train, I decided to overindulge one more time. The diner Fontenelle saw me chill out for a few minutes while I ate basically one of each type of pork product (plus eggs, plus toast, plus French toast). I made a couple new friends - maybe I'll see them in my future travels!

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